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Topic-icon Lost my edit button

6 years 1 week ago #25644 by mindco
Replied by mindco on topic Lost my edit button
George, all of my posts are missing an edit button as well. I was able to edit to fix the pictures and text as needed at the time I was posting. Since you are a moderator you probably still see yours. Maybe Michael McKinney can inform you of the change in the code or not. I for one think it is a good idea to have it this way.


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6 years 6 days ago #25645 by glassparman
Replied by glassparman on topic Lost my edit button
All, there was actually a reason for the button being removed.

I moved all the Florida forum posts over to our forum because there was a great deal of information there.

I set edit to a time limit of 10 days so that "people" would not go back and remove the Florida posts. I will eventually add to the Edit function cutoff as time passes.

Just trying to save the data for all to enjoy.


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