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Topic-icon Any good ideas about trailering from KY to RI !

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12 years 7 months ago #1589 by GlassparSeafairfan
Any good ideas about trailering from KY to RI ! was created by GlassparSeafairfan
Hello, again

I just found out from my mechanic that my Dodge Caravan cannot safely tow the Seafair Sedan, motor, and trailer which I am in the midst of buying, without great risk of burning out my transmission. Car is rated at 1200# max, and the boat, motor, and trailer are about 2000#, roughly. . I can't wait to get this boat home and get it ready for fishing ! The problem is that the boat is in KY and I'm in RI !

I need to find an inexpensive way to get a vehicle to get it home with ! As far as I can tell, there are several options. 1) rent a vehicle in RI that allows towing, and drive it down and back. 2) fly down to Nashville, rent a vehicle down there, and drive back. 3) Have a transporter drive it back for me; but that means buying the boat sight unseen, never mind the issues around affixing a transporter plate, checking out the trailer, bearings, and light harness, getting any questions answered down there myself, etc.

I hope that any of you out there would be able to offer suggestions about how I might best get down, pick up a vehicle with a tow hitch, and get back safely. . Many thanks in advance for all of your help !


Michael S.

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