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Topic-icon Posting of Pictures in Gallery

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10 years 1 month ago #14667 by ric
Posting of Pictures in Gallery was created by ric
Since you have boat galleries, would it be possible to create event picture galleries? FGC currently uses phanfare and pays a yearly fee. If you could set up a gallery for us, maybe we could talk? Thanks. Here is the phanfare site www.flglassparclub.phanfare.com/

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  • glassparman
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10 years 1 month ago #14708 by glassparman
Replied by glassparman on topic Re:Posting of Pictures in Gallery
Ric, that's what this site is all about. There is currently a category just for the FGC. When you create a gallery, just pick the category to put it under.

The FGC had a couple under their category but when the site was hacked a few months back is when I found out my service provider was not getting good backups and we lost those photos.

I have good backups daily now and you guys are more than welcome to re-create or create new galleries.

If you want new categories, just let me know. You may also feel free to move the current ones you have from Phanfare . . . rest assured, I really do have good weekly backups :woohoo:

Michael B)

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