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Topic-icon Early Lido

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3 years 3 months ago - 3 years 3 months ago #29636 by Jayarrgh
Early Lido was created by Jayarrgh
I love anything Glasspar, though recently, I have been most interested in the boats designed and built before the company’s exponential expansion into one of the largest manufacturers of outboard powered fiberglass boats in the world. I found one of those early boats for sale in Oregon. The boat ad I saw is for a 1955 Lido. This is one you won’t see very often if at all. :)


These days when we look to “acquire” another Glasspar boat, we tend to look at the larger boats. After all, pretty much any model will show up on the market for little or no money, in varying condition, if you wait long enough. Bigger hulls are more versatile, so the small simple boats are often over-looked. Yet they have a place in the boating world and are important for historical reasons (Glasspar history anyway) so I thought the ad for this boat was worth posting.

The Lido was introduced in the 1955 model year along with the Avalon. The early Lido with wooden bench seats and few amenities does not seem like much of an improvement over the Sea Urchin model it replaced in Glasspar’s lineup. But it had a new hull design and, most important, a new full length molded deck that gave it great potential. In a very short time it would be developed into the snazzy little runabout we all know and love.

-JR (Jerry)

1955 Glasspar Brochure

1957 Glasspar Brochure

1954 Glasspar Brochure

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3 years 3 months ago #29637 by 16again
Replied by 16again on topic Early Lido
Jerry in about 1959 my dad was looking for a boat and came across one of these Lido's with a Mark 75 on it. As I remember the boat was all green with wooden seats with steering on the right. He passed because he was afraid the motor was too big for the boat. I remember begging him to buy it so that skiing would be so much better. Funny things you remember when triggered by something from your youth, of course I don't remember what I had for breakfast but then again that's not very important but old boat memories are.

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