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Topic-icon 1960 Seafair Sedan

3 years 9 months ago #29061 by Jayarrgh
Replied by Jayarrgh on topic 1960 Seafair Sedan

I didn't realize you had a Trident until after you had dumped it. :( Fairly recently I was thinking of getting a Trident. New in 1958, to me it was the best looking Glasspar at that time. But I have long held a desire for an Avalon; which was the other Glasspar I got a ride in long ago. That Avalon was a 1959 which has the same hull as the one I have now but with more bling. I looked at several late 50's Avalons (in Craigslist) but the ones I liked were all hundreds of miles away. Then I saw this mid-50s version for free only 40 miles from home. Yeah, it is in really poor condition but there are very few of them left. What interests me is that these early models had almost no brightwork, either wood or metal. The castings were all rough finished (not polished) and the wooden bench seats were painted. Basically, a simple workman like design quite different from the more modern, shiny, sleek, deluxe version you have which was built just a few years later. You may think I'm crazy wanting to resurrect this derelict but I guess I have always marched to a different drummer. :lol:

-JR (Jerry)

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3 years 9 months ago #29062 by 16again
Replied by 16again on topic 1960 Seafair Sedan
Keep marching Jerry. Sorry I thought I had posted it when it followed me home. I have always liked the 59 Citation with the molded back to back seats and the two rear seats. Maybe someday when I get these others done. See ya on Sat.

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