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Topic-icon Please help me with this site . . .

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11 months 3 weeks ago #29821 by glassparman.admin
Please help me with this site . . . was created by glassparman.admin
OK guys, 10 years ago, this was the Premier Glasspar boat website. Everyone hung out here and we had a good group.

I'm sure it is mostly my fault as my job turned ugly and I travel so very much now. I just recently got back from another 3 months overseas. I'm 55 and I swear I'll be done when I hit 60 because I just can't do this job much longer.

Help me promote this site back to what it was . . . the cost is completely on me to keep it going but I don't want to shut it down. Those of you who have been around for a while know we have been up since 2000.

Lets start getting some activity going again here. Feel free to give ideas of what you want to see on the site and how I can make it better.

Michael McKinney

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11 months 1 day ago #29822 by 16again
Replied by 16again on topic Please help me with this site . . .
Been on the site for a few years as George Bell was keeping things going in CA. He will be missed. But with no activity I was forced to go else where. I've also been active on the Golden State Glassics site for several years but little is happening there as well. Seems everyone is migrating away form the sites in favor of FaceBook . I'm not a fan of FB as it wastes too much of our societies time, checking on what you had for breakfast and what tooth paste you used. I prefer a site that is topic orientated.

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10 months 1 week ago #29824 by John_P
Replied by John_P on topic Please help me with this site . . .

Thank you for this site and for coming on to post and get more activity going here.

I for one do miss the activity we had here at one time. I would like to see us plan some "get togethers" around the U.S. for our Glasspar Owners. I know that some of us are "spread far apart" but I always enjoyed the GTG'S with other Glasspar Owners. I would be willing to try and organize and event here in eastern N.C. if we could get some good participation. Thanks again.

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