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Topic-icon 1961 seafair sedan

4 years 4 months ago - 4 years 4 months ago #29245 by Terrydi
Replied by Terrydi on topic 1961 seafair sedan

It seems this topic is an age old debate. While restoring Mama Mia! I talked to many people to learn as much as I could about refinishing fiberglass before diving in. And what I found is everyone I talked to takes a somewhat different approach.

The first question was always paint or gel coat and why. Both will give great results but of course paint is not original. I went with gel coat to keep it original and preferred the vintage look. And its more work than painting for sure

The second question is preparation of the surface and again many different approaches and views on what is best and correct. I spoke with and took advice from many individuals, both hobbyists and professionals, and then I did my own thing.

Over at FiberGlassics there were discussions which I read with great interest.



Of course you don’t have to take all the old gel off. It really depends on the condition of the existing finish and ultimately what are your goals.

Both these boats won top honors at the Gull Lake Show in Minnesota last year.

The 59 CarAqua was painted although all of the old gel coat was removed first.

The 59 Barnes was gel coated but was first stripped to bare glass.


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4 years 4 months ago #29247 by Salmonbob
Replied by Salmonbob on topic 1961 seafair sedan
thanks for the tips.

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