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Topic-icon Half a Glasspar...

3 years 6 months ago #29687 by woodlund
Replied by woodlund on topic Half a Glasspar...
Hey, you are either a boat fixer, or you're a flipper... I'd rather tinker. I'm no flipper, so they can have that end of the deal ...

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3 years 6 months ago #29694 by 16again
Replied by 16again on topic Half a Glasspar...
Hey guys its not either or its both. You can take advantage of a good deal that you don't necessarily want to own and possibly turn a profit or you can pay a little too much for something that you really want and live with it. It should all work out in the end. If your always on the hunt for the next deal your bound to come across some that you don't want but would be a good flip. That's life and if your the one willing to put the money on the table, make the drive and do what's necessary to make it really bring the dollars more power to you.

Last year my son and I bought a Day Cruiser from a guy for $4200, took it home, turned the power washer on it, removed the seats repaired a soft spot in the floor, cleaned the carpet, put in new gas and shifting cables, re stretched the carpet, cleaned, clayed, polished and waxed the exterior and sold it for $9500.00. Total investment $4500. Buyer was happy as were we, the ultimate definition of a "good deal".

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