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Topic-icon Refurbish Of Our 1960 Glasspar G-3 Skiboat (2009)

3 years 8 months ago #29660 by woodlund
Wonderful project and very worthy rebuild :)

Just a beautiful boat and you look like you are enjoying it a LOT - well done :)

Does anyone know what the HP limits are a G-3 (assuming a decent transom...)?

I have access to a 140HP V-4 'Rude (20") circa 1978. Was thinking a Tahiti flat bottom, but maybe ... I already have one Glasspar and a little Hot-Rod G-3 for me and my bud with crash helmets would not be bad :D

Was wondering how you think the G-3 would be with that much? Would you be overly concerned at say 50~60 MPH ??

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3 years 8 months ago #29666 by John_P

Thank you for your kind words about our G-3! ;)

You asked about the HP "limits" for the G-3's. Back when the G-3's were built Glasspar set the max HP limit at 60 HP. However, there are ALOT of G-3's around that have much bigger engines including the powerful "tower of power" Mercury 6-cylinder engines ranging in HP range from 80-150 HP. I have ridden and driven in these G-3's with those engines and have to say "they are a handful" at or near top speed. Another factor you will need to consider is the weight of those bigger engines. The transom on our G-3's does not have alot of "freeboard" and what I have noticed is when you slow down with the bigger/heavier engines the water does tend to wash over and into the splashwell. Also, in my opinion, with a larger more powerful engine you will need to "reinforce" your transom for that added weight and engine torque as many of our members here have done. Some have even raised the transom height from the stock 15-15 1/2" up to about 22 inches.

You can also go to this website: www.g3owners.com and read about a project done by the Beisel Family where they put a 200+ HP engine on a G-3 a few years ago. :woohoo:

Hope this has helped you some Sir.


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3 years 8 months ago - 3 years 8 months ago #29673 by woodlund
Yeah, That's what I thought. Sort of like a short wheel based car. Can get twitchy ...

Think I'll keep looking for a 16~17' flattie for the big motor :D

I'll bet a G-3 with a 60 is still fun under the right conditions :)

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