1974 V-230
1974 V-230
Take a serene day with bright sun and placid water . . . or take a bleak, dismal day with choppy water . . . the V-230 is still your boat. The deep-V hull, the attention to detail and the ingenious floor plan make this 23' runabout seem even larger. Actually, it's a sibling of the V-231, but made a little racier. The tinted glass windshield is only one of the little touches . . . there are many more, and you have  a choice of five engine options or, if you like, twin engines.
  Gunwale length:  24' 2"
  Centerline length:  23'  2 1/2"
  Maximum beam:  96"
  Transom beam:  94 1/2"
  Cockpit depth: 3' 5"
  Weight I/O: 3550 lbs. w/188 Merc.
  B.I.A. load capacity rating I/O: 2450 lbs.
  Bottom contour: Deep-V