1974 V-215
1974 V-215
The best of two worlds, the styling and performance of a runabout and closed cabin too. You get that and a lot more in Glasspar's V-215. Great for blue water cruising, it has a lot of the luxury liner in it . . . like twin pilot seats, stern seats with jump seat forward of engine compartment and two bunks in a snug forward cabin. Twin 18-gallon fuel tanks for long range capability and marine lights for night running.
  Gunwale length:  22' 2"
  Centerline length:  21'  5"
  Maximum beam:  96"
  Transom beam:  96"
  Cockpit depth: 2' 8"
  Weight I/O: 2927 lbs. w/165 Merc.
  B.I.A. load capacity rating I/O: 1750 lbs.
  Bottom contour: Deep-V