1974 V-211
A kindred soul to the V-210 . . . the only difference is the elimination of the fiberglass hardtop. Chock-full of creature comforts as standard features, it calls for the challenges of open water. You can sleep where you choose . . . just drop the anchor and you're home! A handsome cruiser, responsive enough to come on plane at a touch, give your passengers a soft ride on rough inland water or choppy sea, and it's still trailerable.
  Gunwale length:  22' 6"
  Centerline length:  21'  2 1/2"
  Maximum beam:  96"
  Transom beam:  94 1/2"
  Cockpit depth: 3' 1"
  Weight I/O: 3100 lbs. w/188 Merc.
  B.I.A. load capacity rating I/O: 2100 lbs.
  Bottom contour: Deep-V