1974 V-200
1974 V-200
When you head out towards the open water in the '74 V-200, you'll notice that handsome styling is really a performance feature. Built to plane fast and run fast but always smoothly and quietly . . . you'll recognize the Class of '74 the moment you hit the throttle. The V-200 features the ultimate in comfort and convenience features and is available with a range of I/O engine options.
  Gunwale length:  21' 1"
  Centerline length:  20'  
  Maximum beam:  88"
  Transom beam:  83"
  Cockpit depth: 2' 10"
  Weight I/O: 2357 lbs. w/165 Merc.
  B.I.A. load capacity rating I/O: 1575 lbs.
  Bottom contour: Deep-V