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1962 Seafair Series
1962 Seafair Series
Seafair Phaeton's convertible top. This gas tank is an optional extra in all Seafair models. The handsome canvas top is standard equipment in the Seafair Sunliner. Convertible fold-away seats.
1962 Seafair Series
What a selection of 17-footers! Each full of life, space and comfort. Glasspar's unique hull design assures superb performance in all waters. The seven Glasspar trim colors are available with each model. All Seafair models are available wit factory installed Volvo-Penta inboard-out-board drive. Ask your dealer for details.

Seafair Sunliner is an open cruiser that seats six comfortably. The back-to-back front seats (the aft-facing seats fold away) and the transom quarter seats are of vinyl-covered soft foam cushion - smart and comfortable. The handsome canvas top gives protection when needed. Front seats that are convertible to fold out lounge-seats are an optional extra.

Seafair Phaeton is a hardtop cruiser with convertible waterproof canvas

top. Flip it back for exhilarating fresh air - flip it forward for relaxing protection. Here again, there are six comfortable individual seats - with fold-out lounge-seats an optional extra. Other Seafair Phaeton features include integrally molded non-skid inserts on foredeck, cockpit side panels for storage and hatch quadrant for selective ventilation.

Seafair Sedan is a classic cabin cruiser. Twin, full-length upholstered berths make the cabin comfortable and cosy. this is a boat with a really spacious cabin - and it's luxurious, too. The upholstery, soft foam cushion and handsome vinyl covering, is beautifully designed and carefully installed. Another smart feature is the decorative Royalite headliner. Folding canvas top, side curtains and marine head are available as optional extras.

Comfortable cabin. Seafair Sedan's bunks are really luxurious. Sister ships Seafair Phaeton (foreground) and Seafair Sedan show off their smart designs.
1962 Seafair Series