Wherever a G-3 puts in, its stiletto styling just naturally draws an admiring crowd. No other stock boat has ever drawn such attention. Admiring glances and comments. And when a skier tastes the thrill of G-3 performance - inside or at the end of a tow rope - his admiration only increases.
The G-3 swings. It's the only production boat designed and built expressly for skiers. Custom look. Beautifully low cost.
Fore and aft facing bucket seats, steering, hardware, sponson stability . . . the G-3 is a "must see" for everyone who wants to ski!
 1967 G-3

G-3 Ski-Boat (with equipment listed) . . . $845

 1967 G-3 1967 G-3 

Bucket type seats,
   back to back
Windshield, plexiglass
Storage shelf
Full size motor well
Dual bottom with flotation
Running lights
Deck hardware
Vinyl floor mat-
   color matched
Ski tow rings and bow eye
Two color deck
Two color hull with
   whaling stripe

Mechanical steering . . . $45